Live performance artists...
Booknshare is for you !

Are you a musician, dancer, actor, circus performer, street artist or storyteller ?
Beginning amateur or veteran professional ?

Do you know where to perform in your area ?
Exclusive gigs ? International festivals ? Everywhere in the world ?

Help others artists connect and they’ll do the same for you !

A shared database,
securely managed

Manage your contacts in complete privacy while posting public information about show times and places

Take advantage of others shared postings and find productions and shows across the world

Target your search by artistic domain, style, geographic area, network…

Complete confidentiality assured while prospecting for your project

Network in real time with other members of your act, show, or creative team

Synchronize your agendas, communicate your availabilities

Reach contacts shared freely by other users

You can access other users shared contacts

You can :

choose to use them or not thanks to our personalized selection process

delete them at any time without data loss to other users

follow them as your artistic project develops

evaluate them and contribute to their over-all evaluation

modify them without risking data loss

import and incorporate your own contact list into the site

decide if you share them and with whom

Evaluated and dependable data

The data is evaluated by users that have access to it

Booknshare also assesses contacts on how complete their information is

The users are graded on the quality of the information provided

When mistaken information is entered by another user, you can easily change it back to the correct version

Manage and promote your performances as a group !

Create a community

Invite your partners to participate in it

Add your projects and contacts

... Booknshare provides :

a shared agenda open to the users you have chosen

an agenda per user, synchronized

a shared space for each contact on your list and only visible to a chosen group

a strictly private area by contact and for each user

Manage your artistic projects

Create a group

Add events (concerts, representations, residencies…)

Therefore each artist has an agenda which is synchronized with your “projects agenda”

Search for a performance space

Search for contacts grouped within a selection

by geographic zone (30km around Paris, 20km around Lille...)

by type of contacts (programmer, director…)

by type of structure (private company, city hall, bar…)

by artistic domain (music, theatre, dance, street art, storytelling…)

by style (jazz, classic danse,...)

by name, address, city, etc.

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